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Felice Breast Pump is easy to use and assemble by all mother.
Made of BPA Free Material.
Light weight and portable, no hassle to pump anywhere anytime.
Manual Controlled suction allowed mother to pump at the comfort level.
Easy grip Handle is specially designed for mother to have an easy and better grip.
Hygienic direct flow design to ensure breast milk flow direct from breast shield to bottle to reduce contamination.
Comfort Massager is designed to massage breast during pumping and encourage milk flow.

This Product is design for personal usage, not for multi-person to avoid any disease transmision.
Stop using it when discomfort occurred.


Adapter for TrueeLuv Gemini Breast Pump Compatible Adapter for TrueeLuv Gemini Breast Pump. Made by Malaysia Factory. 



TrueeLuv Gemini Breastshield Set 

Replacement breastshield set for TrueeLuv Gemini Breast Pump.

The TrueeLuv Gemini Breastshield set comes with:-
1 x breastshield
1 x membrane
1 x valve
1 x tubing


  • -Specially created/formulated to be mild and nonirritating for babies and kids


  • -Suitable for children


  • -100% new


  • -Please allow 13cm differences in product measurement

Trueeluv Baby Bottle Warmer suits multiple sizes baby feeding bottles.
With warm milk,heating food,juicer,sterilizer functions into one, truly achieve a multifunctional baby food warmer
Utilizing Japanese advanced PTC highly efficient heat technique,durable PTC heating element

How to use:
To warm up milk, use 40'c
To warm up baby food use 70'c
To sterilize feeding accessories e.g. teats, use 100'c


Brand: Trueeluv

  • replacement tubing for Treeluv Gemini breast pump

  • Affordable

Trueeluv Gemini Double Tube Connector

- Save your time pumping

- Easy to used


What you'll get:

1 pcs of Doble Tube Connector


Collector Cap for the TrueeLuv Gemini Double Electric Breast Pump


  • Transparrent collector cap


-Valve Head for Trueeluv Gemini

What you get:

-1pc Valve Head Trueeluv Gemini


TrueeLuv Unico Silicone Diaphragm 1 piece. Use for TrueeLuv Unico Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump.


Valve membrane is attached to valve head. It shall be replaced if there is crack on membrane or the membrane is not able to fully cover the holes on valve head.