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Drop and pop! The Pop and Drop Ball Activity Gym is a playgym bursting with 4 fun stations for baby to pop, drop or slide coloured balls in, out, down and around. With 30 coloured balls, there’ll be hours of fun for baby in this large ball gym. Vibrant patterns and engaging characters will visually stimulate baby and promote cognitive imagination. Balls store easily within 3 pockets and can be effortlessly folded away for convenient storage.

‘- 4 different ball activity stations
– 30 coloured balls included
– Internal mesh pockets for easy ball storage
– Pop, drop and retrieve fun enhances motor skill and cognitive development
– Cute and colourful characters to engage baby and stimulate imagination

  1. Removable interactive dashboard with steering wheel encourages imaginative sit and play fun or attach to pram bar for pretend driving on the go
  2. Music and lights for auditory and visual learning
  3. Convenient storage pouch (toys not included)
  4. Plush side mirror teaches baby self awareness
  5. Batteries included

This ingenious flexible Playgym is designed to engage baby with multiple features, designed to entertain, engage and delight all of baby’s senses, in a whole new way. Introducing the 5 in 1 Safari Gym – a Playmat, a tummy time mat, a Playgym or a Cot Mobile or Cot Toy side, all in one. Whether you decide to lay baby on their tummy, back, in or out of the cot, it is so simple to change from Playmat to Cot Mobile to Cot Side Toy and back again. The Safari 5 in 1 Gym has bright colourful and engaging safari animal characters, all with unique textures and features, ensuring baby is getting a work out, while being entertained for hours.

* 5 modes: playgym, playmat, tummy time mat, cot mobile & cot side play
* Built-in soft padded support pillow
* Detachable hanging toys
* Detachable arm

  1. Four Detachable Colourful Animals for encouraging visual perception
  2. Soft and vibrant patterned mat
  3. Teething Links for Assisting Sore Gums
  4. Mirror for learning reflection and gazing
  1. 2 detachable hanging toys
  2. Thick padded mat is soft and comfortable
  3. See through mesh top tunnel encourages crawling, or remove tunnel for sit and play mode
  4. Easily folded for storage
  5. Machine washable mat
  1. Ball drop fun! Place the balls in Dragons mouth to send them down the twirly ramp
  2. Premium sturdy handle and brake mechanism to support baby as they learn to walk
  3. 4 colourful balls included
  4. Soft crinkle ears stimulate tactile and auditory senses
  5. 2 ways to play :  
            Sit and Play
            Push and Walk
  1. A fun and interactive way to support baby as they learn to walk
  2. Music and lights stimulate visual and auditory senses
  3. Ball drop fun! Race 4 colourful balls down the twirly ramp
  4. Premium sturdy handle and adjustable speeds
  5. 2 ways to play :
          Sit and Play
          Push and Walk

Introducing the brightly coloured play in the park playgym, designed to encourage tummy time and playtime whilst providing a safe place for baby to rest. there are three cute detachable characters each with various click clack crinkle and teether texture features, perfect for captivating baby's attention and encouraging their gross and fine motor skills.

Features colorful, lovable animal characters
Features detachable hanging toys for play gym or on-the-go fun!
Peek-a-boo flap with crinkle feature for tactile and auditory development
Non-toxic and BPA free. Safe for babies of all ages!
STEM toys for toddlers. STEM / STEAM educational principles - Playgro Age for Stage incorporates STEM to help your baby develop a prosperous future. *The Top four(4) development features for each product are clearly seen on Playgro packaging to assist parents make the correct choice for your baby.

  • Lots of activities to encourage baby to think, look, listen and move
  • Easily wraps around stroller bar or side of cot.
  • Textured teether to soothe sore gums
  • Crinkle, rattle and squeaker sounds for auditory stimulation.
  • Suitable for babies from birth to 12 months old
  • Designed in Australia
  1. Press the keys and watch me light up!
  2. Straps easily attach to most cots or prams
  3. Music composed exclusively for Playgro
  4. Batteries included
  5. Can be used as a kick toy or a piano

Groove and Move! The Lion Activity kick toy is a musical toy with lots of learning activities. Press the big buttons to play music and watch the lights flash to the beat. Get dizzy with the whirly feature and rolling balls!

20 Fun Songs to groove to
Twirly, Spinning features for enhancing fine motor skills and visual perception
Entertains baby on the go

  1. Textured teether to soothe sore gums
  2. Textured surfaces for tactile development
  3. 3 developmental toys

- 4 textured balls included
- When pushed along the Ball Popping Octopus spins around, tentacles lift and balls fly out, teaching baby about action and reaction
- Removable handle for versatility and improved storage
- Soft wheels protect floors


Enrich your baby's problem solving skills, eye-hand coordination and exploration senses in just one toy. Let your little one sort, stack and knock down Playgro Stacking Activity Tower for endless playtime!

Four stackable pieces
Spinning features that encourage the development of fine motor skills
Click-Clack sounds for auditory development10 learning activities
Problem solving
Action and reaction
Trial and error

  1. Shape sorting activities engage problem solving and mental prediction skills
  2. 6 large colourful numbered shapes are perfect for small hands
  3. Click-clack spinning trunk for fine motor skill development
  4. Large satin crinkle ears and textured surfaces encourage tactile and auditory exploration
  5. All blocks fit inside Elephant for easy storage
  • Lights that flash to the beat for fun rhythm play!
  • Press Various Buttons for 20 different fun tunes
  • Active Exploration for Gross Motor Development
  • BPA Free toy for ages 1-3+ year
  • "STEM toys for toddlers - STEM / STEAM educational principles Playgro Age for Stage incorporates STEM to help your baby develop a prosperous future.  The Top four(4) development features for each product are clearly seen on Playgro packaging to assist parents make the correct choice for your baby

Where is my foot?

Watch as they discover their hands and feet with this colourful wrist rattle and foot finder set.

Simply slip the sock-like foot finders onto baby’s feet and use the Velcro® straps to secure the wrist rattles. The engaging zebra and giraffe characters feature a mixture of plush, woven and silky fabrics ideal for little hands to explore.

Ages: 0+ Months.
2 foot finders.
2 wrist rattles.
Shake to rattle for auditory stimulation.
Cognitive Skills.
Fine Motor Skills.
Gross Motor Skills.

  1. Jumbo size mat – big enough for 2
  2. Easy to wipe clean
  3. Teaches animal sound recognition
  4. 8 Musical melodies exclusively composed for Playgro
  5. 2 modes – piano mode and melody mode
  1. Twist, turn and press buttons develop fine motor skills
  2. Fun pop up characters encourage cognitive develop
  3. Exclusive Playgro music and animals sounds for auditory stimulation
  4. Light up animals promote cause and effect awareness
  5. Convenient carry handle for on the go play

- Soft removable pillow for tummy time support
- Smooth silky padded mat is comfortable and safe for baby
- Detachable Clip Clop Teether and Leaf Rattle
- 2 ways to play: Tummy Time and Sit and Play
 Machine washable mat

  1. Xylophone and piano in 1
  2. Press piano keys
  3. Slide sticks across coloured keys
  4. Helps develop baby’s motor skills and encourages auditory development
  1. 6 different coloured shapes for hammering, problem solving and fitting
  2. A fun, reversable tray for double the fun
  3. An attached hammer for nailing in the vibrant shapes
  • Entertain your baby on-the-go with the cute and colorful playgro flip the turtle activity toy
  • Rattles when shaken
  • Vibrantly colored for visual stimulation
  • Textured fabrics such as ribbon - satin and felt for tactile development
  • Textured teething links for sore gums
  • C-clip attaches to a stroller or car seat
  • Spot clean
  • Textured teething rings to soothe sore gums
  • Different textures for tactile development
  • C-clip for easy attachment to prams, strollers and car seats

Buzz about! This fun bee character comes to life with flapping wings as it dances and wiggles about. Baby will practise gross motor skills as they pull Groovy Mover down and release. Groovy’s flapping wings, bright colours and bold patterns will stimulate baby’s visual development as they track the vibrating movement upwards. The clip offers easy attachment to prams, strollers and in the car, making Groovy Mover Bee the perfect travel companion for any interactive baby.

Groovy Mover wiggles and a shakes when pulled down
– Larger flapping wings for easy grasping
– Felt, satin and plush fabrics stimulate sense of touch
– Bold prints and contrasting colours attract baby’s attention
– Clip easily attaches to pram, stroller, car seat or capsule for on the go fun

  • Click-Clack rings for assisting in auditory development
  • Small Textured Beads for hand-eye coordination
  • Soft materials for allowing exploration without catching small fingers
  • Stem toys for a bright future
  1. Removable Rattling Ball for an extra way to play
  2. Rattling Ball for developing auditory senses
  3. Push car that encourages gross motor development *Vibrant Colours for visionary development

* 5 fun tunes and songs
*Lights that flash to the beat of the music
* Developmental influences such as push and pull, role play, action reaction and encourages exploration

  1. 5 fun tunes and songs
  2. Lights that flash to the beat of the music
  3. Developmental influences such as push and pull, role play, action reaction and encourages exploration
  • Suction cap attaches firmly to most smooth surfaces
  • Coloured rattling balls helping with eye coordination
  • Learn about cause and effect
  • Adjustable suction cap
  • Watch me spin!
  • Great as an add on gift for baby
  • Perfect for entertaining baby at meal times

 - Vibrant colours encourage visual perception
 - 6 soft, padded blocks
 - Perfect for the bath, pool, beach or general play

  1. Playgro Dial-A-Friend Phone Toy Phone.
  2. With two different game modes.
  3. Contains 9 cheerful melodies.
  4. Contains flashing lights.
  5. Two volume modes.
    Recommended Age : 
  6. From 1 to 3 Years Old


  1. A rainbow of five teeth-able rings fit over a cone with a rocking base.
  2. Baby can sort and stack the rings, then bat at the base to watch it rock back and forth.
  3. Playgro's textured stacking rings are an essential for baby.
  4. Their vibrant colors and fun design make them perfect for playtime. Recommended Age : From 9 Months & Above

- 12 different bright coloured shapes
- Textured surfaces for tactile development
- Great for counting


A game of peek a boo! The Playgro wiggling puppy has a soft bone that can be moved up and down to entertain your baby. Peek-a-boo games show baby that objects still exist even without being able to see them, your baby will have lots of laughs playing games with this wiggling friend!

Soft material for sensory enhancement
A textured link
Vibrant colours for visual perception
Easy attach clip

Fine Motor Skills
Helps baby use their hands & fingers for small, precise movements i.e. grasping or manipulating objects.

Features bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby's visual perception.

Features various textures to help stimulate baby's tactile development.

Features sounds to help stimulate baby's auditory development.

  1. Soft material for sensory enhancement
  2. A textured link
  3. Vibrant colours for visual perception
  4. Easy attach clip
  1. 6 squirtees in one great pack
  2. Link together
  3. Squirts water for bathtime fun
  • Five fun toys that encourage visual perception
  • Fold and go feature allowing for easy storage
  • Detachable toys
  • Stem toys for a bright future

Rub-a-dub-dub three ducks in the tub!

The Duckie Family is bright, cute and floats on water. These adorable duckies will make bath time a fun and are an essential part of any baby’s bath time!

Ages: 6+ Months.
1 Bath Duckie Family.
Squirts water for bathtime fun.
4 cute floating ducks.
Fine Motor Skills.


Wind me up and watch me paddle. This adorable paddling bath fish has coloured balls on his back that spin as he paddles around the bath. His fins paddle around and around, creating a little splash. Baby will love pulling the fish's tail and chasing him around the bath while learning cause and effect. Available in two different colours, this cute fish helps to develop baby's visual perception and eye coordination while making bath time fun.


Wind me up Cute fish paddles around the bath Makes little splashes for bathtime fun
Available in 2 bright colours (colour is picked up randomly)
Helps to develop visual perception & eye coordination
BPA Free
Suitable for 12 months & up
Clean by washing in warm and soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. DO NOT BOIL. Air dry. NEVER leave product submerged under water while not in use.


Get ready for some backyard competition Dad when you bring home this Playgro My First Soccer Ball for your wee one. Suitable both for little guys and little gals, that are ready for their first ball. It is colorful with some wonder textures to increase both touch and visual development and its ohh so soft. Infants love to focus on the vibrant colors even before they can reach out for active play.

Supports your child's motor development and hearing
Cuddly soft plush football which rattles during play
Supports your child's motor development and hearing.
Suitable for children from 0 months

At a Glance

The perfect size for little hands, this soft fabric toy makes a squeak sound when squeezed. Features bold patterns for visual stimulation and different fabrics for developing tactile perception. The silky ribbons are perfect for baby to practise their fine motor skills.

Features and Benefits


  • Squeaker sound for auditory stimulation
  • Silky ribbons for developing fine motor skills
  • Ideal size for small hands
  • bright colours or vibrant patterns to help stimulate baby's visual perception.
  • 3m+


What's in the box

1 x squeaker

  1. Squeaker sound for auditory stimulation
  2. Silky ribbons for developing fine motor skills
  3. Ideal size for small hands
  1. Four silly sounds for auditory development
  2. Groovy music and flashing lights
  3. Soft tip to help protect other surfaces
  4. Easy grip handle

Come and swim in the sea with us! The under the sea characters offer loads of bathtime fun! The Characters can be filled with water then squeezed to squirt for fun water play!


5 fun squirt bath toys
crocodile, nemo, hippo, crab, & dolphin
Easy to grip
BPA free
Suitable for 6m+

  1. Textured teething links can help soothe sore gums
  2. Vibrant colourful links connect together to form a chain
  3. Link baby’s favourite toys for on-the-go fun!
  • Textured water -filled tether soothes sore gums
  • Bee tethers can be chilled in the fridge
  • The bees are designed with different textures on either side to give baby different teething options
  1. Textured teethers to soothe sore gums
  2. Textured surfaces for tactile development
  3. Rattling beads for auditory stimulation
  1.   3 soft, easy to hold shapes
  2.   Squirts water for bathtime fun