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Breast pumps can really help new mums who are struggling to breastfeed naturally. The NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump is designed to make expressing easier. It’s innovative design provides an excellent expressing movement and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to express breast milk with just one hand. Jolie also features a soft, textured silicone cushion which moulds to the shape of mother’s breast, providing a pleasant massage that encourages milk flow.

•Simple but sturdy design, made in Germany.
•Easy to assemble and clean, dishwasher safe.
•Ideal for travel.
•Compatible with all NUK First Choice baby bottles and teats. (Not compatible with Nature Sense bottles)
•Pack includes a stand and a 150ml breast milk container with screw ring and sealing disc.

Hygiene is of the utmost priority when handling breast milk. The Jolie Breast Pump should only be used in clean and sterile conditions. Before first use and after every subsequent use all parts that come in to contact with breast milk should be washed, sterilised and dried. We recommend washing with the NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser, which cleans baby accessories more effectively than hot soapy water. The NUK Multi Dry Rack is a practical and hygienic solution for drying baby accessories.

Voted best value manual breast pump by Baby London, August 2015


Features :

  1. Print: Mickey
  2. Spill-proof Spout
  3. Non-slip & Easy grip handles
  4. Extra-soft silicone spout
  5. Protective spout cover
  6. Lightweight bottle with wide neck
  7. Made in Germany

Features :

Several tiny openings modelled on a mother’s breast give an optimal, smooth and natural flow
• Wide, flexible lip rest with extra-soft teat tip similar to a mother’s nipple encourages acceptance
• Innovative anti-colic vent helps prevent air being swallowed
• For children aged 0-6 months
• Fits all NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottles
• Approved by the Oral Health Foundation.